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Series « Studies in European Law » / « Dossiers de droit européen »

The series « Dossiers de droit européen » / « Studies in European Law » was created in Switzerland in 1991 by Olivier Jacot-Guillarmod and Pierre Mercier. At the same time, an Association of authors was founded which aims at encouraging the publication of books by strengthening solidarity between between teachers and practitioners specializing in the subject.

The series « Studies in European Law » brings together monographs and collective books covering many areas of EU law. Some studies relate exclusively to EU law; others focus on the comparison and interdependence between EU law, international or national law. The series includes volumes in English or in French. It does also welcome bilingual books (French-German or French-English).

The series is characterised by a general approach, a well-nourished scientific apparatus, a detailed case law analysis and an index to facilitate research. It seeks to meet the needs of those who wish to deepen their knowledge in the field of EU law. It is intended for lawyers, practitioners, teachers, students and anyone interested in EU law.

The series « Studies in European Law » is published by Schulthess/LGDJ (Genève/Zürich/Paris).

For a complete list of the books already published, click here.

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