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E-learning Course - "How can trade contribute to sustainable development?"


“How can trade contribute to sustainable development?” – New E-learning Module

" I am delighted to announce the launch of a new and innovative module, offered by the University of Geneva, which offers a unique approach connecting trade and key SDGs (Environment, Labour, and Health). Through interactive videos, drag-and-drop exercises, quizzes, and other learning methods, module participants will learn how to design effective policies in trade and sustainable development.

Designed by experts of the University of Geneva, this self-paced module which spans over a period of in principle six months and allows for flexible learning. Don’t let distance be a barrier to learning: join us and our global community of experts and future leaders aware of how trade can contribute to sustainable development! "

Prof. Christine Kaddous,
Professor at the University of Geneva, Director of the Centre for European Legal Studies (CEJE), Founder and Director of the MEIG Programme