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Jean Monnet Doctoral Workshop – University of Geneva

8th Doctoral Workshop 2023

University of Groningen, 21 April 2023

Call for papers

EU Diplomacy: Confronting Legal and Political Insights

University of Groningen, 21 April 2023

This Jean Monnet Workshop is organised by the Department of European and Economic Law of the University of Groningen in the context of the EUDIPLO network on “The European Union in International Diplomatic Relations” (http://eudiplo.eu/), which was officially launched in November 2020. It is meant for PhD students and other early career scholars.



Over the years, the EU’s development as a diplomatic actor has been impressive. With over 140 Union Delegations around the world, the EU has established a network that resembles that of states. The functions of the Delegations largely coincide with those of state embassies. At the same time, the Union has become active in other international organisations, not just as a coordinator of Member States positions, but also in its own rights.

While many studies have focused on this new role of the EU as a diplomatic actor, there has hardly been any exchange between different academic disciplines. This workshop aims to do exactly that as its aims to bring together early career researchers on EU diplomacy with different backgrounds, including European law, international law, international relations, political science, and EU studies. Paper proposals addressing an issue of EU diplomacy are welcome. We encourage both theoretically, empirically and dogmatically driven papers on the topic of the workshop. While mono-disciplinary proposals are very welcome, it will be necessary to indicate the importance of the approach for other academic disciplines. Final papers will also be aimed at a multidisciplinary audience as the main goal of the conference is to learn from each other’s insights.

The draft papers will be commented on by more senior staff and selected papers will be published freely online in online journals we work with. Titles of the panels may be fine-tuned on the basis of the selected papers, but we hope to cluster the presentations around the following three themes: 1. EU diplomacy: internal EU constrains and opportunities; 2. EU diplomacy: external constraints and opportunities; 3. EU diplomacy: options for its development.

Possible themes could relate to the division of EU and Member State competences, international diplomatic/consular law, international institutions, non-intervention, international relations perspectives, the changing world order, state power or state prerogatives, the EEAS and the Union Delegations, the EU’s mediation power, ‘frontiers of EU diplomacy’, internal EU politics facing external challenges, EU development aid, narratives of EU diplomacy, neo-colonialist approaches to EU diplomacy, a European Political Community in the making, to name just a few.


Submission, selection and publication process

Interested PhD students and other early career scholars are strongly encouraged to submit proposals in English of around 500 words. The proposals, accompaniedby detailed CVs and short motivation letters, should be submitted to Prof. Ramses Wessel (r.a.wessel(at)rug.nl) by 24 December 2022.

Applicants will be informed about the outcome of the selection process no later than 1 February 2023. Selected proposals will result in draft papers (around 8.000 words, including footnotes) that are to be submitted by 1 April 2023 for circulation among commentators. We will be able to cover travel and accommodation of the selected participants up to a to be defined maximum.


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