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Towards a Coherent Strategy for the European Union and its Member States in the Middle East Peace Process: Jerusalem as One Capital for Two States?

The Middle East Peace Process encompasses many intricated issues. Jerusalem, being one of them, crystalizes many of the tensions and difficulties. Various stakeholders are involved in the peace process and are willing to keep the feasibility of a shared capital possible. The European Union, as one of them, is key to this achievement. Since its creation, the EU has managed to preserve peace among its Member States and promote it in its neighborhood. The EU, the direct neighbor and established partner of Israel and Palestine, already has existing agreements with them, and has invested in the resolution of this conflict. 

Unfortunately, the EU's work towards preserving the possibility of a shared capital is endangered by the actions of its own Member States. This thesis therefore analyzes the incoherences that are imperiling a peaceful solution to the Jerusalem issue and provides solutions to ensure coherence between the external actions of the EU and those of its Member States.