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Two Years After: Evaluation of the EU Refugee Policy from an International and European Law Perspective

Themistoklis Tzimas


Almost two years ago, the EU-Turkey agreement was adopted as a cornerstone of EU policy in the face of the growing refugee crisis. Since then, it constitutes one of the main tools for the restrain of refugee influxes in the EU. Two years later, a legal assessment of its impact from the international as well as the European law perspective is necessary.

Apart from the fore-mentioned analysis, the article will address the issue of the influence of EU refugee policy on the relevant field of international law. Such influence is articulated on a double basis: first in relation to the actual compliance of EU policies with international law; second and in furtherance of the former, in regards with the potential precedent which is set by the EU policies in relation to the implementation of international law about refugees in general.

The argument of the article is that the EU, in the name of a state-centered security approach tο the issue, either directly breaches the principles of international law on the matter or to say the least, promotes policies which deteriorate the living conditions of refugees and the undermine the fulfillment of their rights under international law.

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