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The EU and its Member States' Joint Participation in International Agreements

5 nov. 2020 - 8:30
Zoom - https://unige.zoom.us/meeting/register/tJEpduGhqj0pGtSjLBwxyg_WBfxfbfwE-zDr

Workshop 5 November.png

This Academic Workshop organised by the Global Studies Institute of the University of Geneva in cooperation with the University of Groningen and the CEJE

Venue: Zoom link (to register if you wish to attend the workshop)


Zoom panel technical instructions:
• When you come in to the meeting you will be muted. Please turn off your video and only
“unmute” when you will be given the floor by the chair. We would kindly ask all presenters
and the chair of each panel to keep their videos active.
• Each panel will consist of 3-4 paper presentations of 10 minutes each. After paper
presentations, 45 min or 1h (depending on number of presentations) will be left for comments
and a general discussion.
• When you would like to make a comment or ask a question, open the list of participants and
type “hand” so that the chair can keep you on the queue.
• You can also ask your question in general chat of the meeting. Please, clearly indicate to
whom your question is addressed. If the panellist doesn’t see your question, the chair will be
able to ask it for you.
• Since, the papers discussed in this workshop will be published in an edited book, the meeting
will NOT be recorded.


Please find the full programme here.