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The Economic and Monetary Union's stabilization policy and Switzerland

16 avr. 2019 - 10:15

Professor Dr. Giulio Peroni, Jean Monnet Professor and Associate Professor for European and International Law at the University of Milan

During the lecture, the root causes of the last economic and monetary crisis will be analysed. In particular, the crisis of the Eurozone and its interconnection with the euro itself will be treated. In this context, the possibilities of an euroexit and the related consequences for EU countries will be examined from the perspective of EU law and International law. In a further step, the EU’s stabilization policies in face of the crisis will be discussed. In addition, the European Central Bank’s (ECB) role in safeguarding the euro and the measures taken will be scrutinised. Finally, the EU and Switzerland and their respective policies and interventions will be compared.


  Day        :     Tuesday 16 April

  Time      :     From 10:15 am  to 12:00 am

  Room     :     M4020