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Geneva Jean Monnet Working Papers - 2017

N° 01/2017 : Stefanie Schacherer

The EU as a Global Actor in Reforming the International Investment Law Regime in Light of Sustainable Development



N° 02/2017 : Elisabet Ruiz Cairó

Follow the Leader! The EU as a Global Health Actor after the Negotiation of the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control



N° 03/2017 : Luigi Lonardo

European Defence Union: Some Legal Considerations



N° 04/2017 : Gesa Kübek

The Non-Ratification Scenario: Legal and Practical Responses to Mixed Treaty Rejection by Member States



N° 05/2017 : Alexandra Hofer

EU Restrictive Measures as International Law Enforcement: The Case of the Ukrainian Crisis



N° 06/2017 : Eva Kassoti

The EU and the Challenge of Informal International Law-Making: The CJEU’s Contribution to the Doctrine of International Law-Making



N° 07/2017 : Serena Marini

Protecting is Not Enough: Promoting the Right of Migrants Not to Flee Their Home. The EU Challenge of Development and Migration



N° 08/2017 : Louis-Marie Chauvel

Normative Influence of the European Union in the Field of International Investment Law



N° 09/2017 : Ana Sánchez Cobaleda

The EU: A Global Actor in the Non-proliferation of WMD through the Control of Dual-use Goods



N° 10/2017 : Susanna Villani

The Multifaceted Contribution of the EU in the Field of International Disaster Response



N° 11/2017 : Themistoklis Tzimas

Two Years After: Evaluation of the EU Refugee Policy from an International and European Law Perspective



N° 12/2017 : Karolis Jonuška

EU as a Global Actor in Shaping Action for International Environmental Protection